These 5 hacks will help you keep good hygiene practice in your kitchen

Did you know the kitchen sink contains 100 000 times more germs than that of a bathroom or toilet?

Washing hands before preparing food is THE cardinal rule in kitchens yet it is so easy to forget once we’re in the full swing of cooking. A simple yet effective trick in the kitchen is to place large ‘wash your hands’ signs in the most prominently used areas such as the fridge doors, which will serve as constant reminders.

Here are 5 kitchen hygiene hacks which are so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it:

Get organised – If your food storage areas are organised your kitchen will immediately look and feel cleaner. Label containers and designate shelves to the various food products. Use those boxy looking plastic file dividers to keep meats and other frozen foods separate in the freezer. Colour-coding works brilliantly.

Clean fruit & vegetables – Fill up a bowl with water and add a splash of vinegar to wash your fruit and vegetables. Using vinegar is a highly effective way to kill germs and it is gentle on the environment, too.

Clean cooking utensils – It’s something we forget in the chaos and rush to meet deadlines in the kitchen – always check if the cooking utensils we’re about to use are spotlessly clean. Keep a small bowl of soapy water plus some rinsing water at your workstation for dirty utensils – if you spot a speck of dirt, give the knife or dish a quick wash without having to leave your work area.

Don’t towel-dry – To eliminate any possibility of re-contamination from hands or towels, allow the dishes and other cooking utensils to air-dry instead.

Meat down below – Don’t store meat, poultry and fish at the top of the fridge as the blood can drip onto other food products. Ensure they are wrapped neatly and placed at the very bottom of the fridge.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming to keep a clean kitchen. Using a few clever methods will ensure you and your staff continue to practise good kitchen hygiene.