Want to avoid bad reviews? Pre-empt the stuff that makes your clients cringe about cleanliness and hygiene at a restaurant.

You’ve seen the horror stories. There’s a rant on your Facebook page or Hello Peter. Somebody found a cockroach, a hair, a fly in the soup etc and now they are OUTRAGED. If it happens often, the ranters are joined by others and soon there’s a snowball of fury headed your way. Bad reviews, especially those related to poor hygiene can not only damage, but sink your business completely.

The thing is, if you get a few very basic systems and protocols in place, this kind of PR disaster can be avoided all together. According to a 2014 Consumer Reports survey, the three most common complaints about dining out relate to hygiene. Here we list them and provide solutions so you never have to deal with horror reviews again.


Dirty utensils or table

The highest ranked complaint was dirty utensils or tables. Think about it, you sit down in a restaurant and as the customer the first thing you touch is the seat, followed by the chair. You then might pick up a knife and fork. Most of your senses are unconsciously evaluating your environment – sight, touch, even smell will pick up anything that should not be there. The onus is on you, the restaurant, to get this stuff clean. By ensuring that tables are wiped down between each new set of customers and condiment bottles cleaned every shift with NoH2O’s advanced microfiber cloths, you automatically sidestep this massive bug bear of customers.


Dirty or ill-equipped restrooms

You can’t control how customers or your staff use the facilities, but you can control how often those facilities are cleaned and tended to. Restrooms that are spotless and hygienic suggest to your customers that the kitchen is treated in much the same way. The opposite suggests the opposite. Ensure your cleaning staff stick to a tight roster and that with NoH2O waterless hand sanitizers on the walls, customers and staff alike can keep their hands as sterile as possible before handling any food.


Servers with a sloppy appearance or poor hygiene

Would you rather be served by an immaculately turned out waiter or waitress with neat clothing and well-kempt personal hygiene or are you ok with someone, their clothing splattered with food and other substances, their hair drooping towards your plate of food, their nails caked with grease and unidentifiable dirt (and possible e. coli) – bringing you your meal? We thought as much. Staff need to undergo training around personal hygiene. Between each station and each stage of food processing, install NoH2O waterless hand sanitizers and implement training so that having clean hands becomes second nature to your work force.