Do your bit to save water to benefit your business, the country and your bottom-line.

South Africa is struggling. Water restrictions have hit many parts of the country from the Big Smoke to the farmers of the platteland. And while we need to trust in government and big business to come up with a strategy to safeguard our water security, we all need to make an immense effort to conserve water at home and in our businesses. That includes our industry, whether you run a restaurant, a hotel or a bar.

The service and catering industries are water intensive. Just think about the sheets that need washing, the plates, pots and pans that need cleaning, the lawns that need watering and so on. With the right will to make changes, you can save a lot of water, doing your bit to help in both a bigger picture sense and in saving you cash.

Know what’s normal
To understand your businesses consumption you need to get accurate water readings. If you have friends in similar businesses ask them what their usage is. Compare stats and then ask yourself if you can reduce your usage.

Pre-rinse spray valves / High pressure nozzles
Some jobs require a lot of water pressure, but that does not mean they have to use a lot of water too. High pressure nozzles and pre-rinse spray valves can help your staff get the job done efficiently and without wasting excess water.

Low flow shower heads
Water-saving showerheads may not be as attractive as the wide-rimmed options that pump water, but more and more of your guests will be eco-conscious and will appreciate the effort.

Educate your guests
Offer your guests the option of new towels if they are staying several nights, but explain the water situation to them on a card and ask them if they would prefer to use the same bath towel for more than one night. Most guests will not want a fresh towel for every shower.

Large Laundry Loads
A huge amount of water goes into running your hotel laundry. Make sure that each and every load is full to save on water wastage for light loads.

Water wise plants
Instead of planting alien vegetation or lawns that require a lot of upkeep, plant indigenous species that are suited to the environment, the weather and the seasons. They will require less water and upkeep, possibly saving you on staff too.

A lot of water is lost to leaks and old equipment. Ensure everything is running smoothly and that there is minimal waste due to neglect.

Replace guzzlers
Just as old cars are now seen as gas guzzlers so too are old appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and ice makers seen as water guzzlers. Trade in your old stuff for new appliances that have high ratings for ecological impacts (or lack thereof).

Grey water
Grey water is water from laundry, bathing and dishwashing that can be treated and reused elsewhere in your business (e.g. irrigation and toilets). It’s best implemented in the original design of a building but can be done after the fact.

Educate your staff
Sometimes water is not necessary as with our NoH2O waterless hand sanitizers. Educate your staff on when they should or shouldn’t use water.

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