Simply the fastest, most efficient and convenient way to achieve complete hand hygiene.


From domestic use in your kitchen at home to commercial use in medical clinics, restaurant bathrooms and kitchens and even in office hallways – using conveniently small, portable hand sanitizers for your handbag or pocket – NoH2O has a sanitizing solution for you.

With added aloe vera to prevent dryness, your hands are left germ-free, clean and non-sticky – in an instant. It’s simply the fastest, most efficient and most convenient way to achieve complete hand hygiene.

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Just like fire or bleach, the alcohol formula in our hand sanitizer is a true germ killer, and the bugs don’t develop any kind of resistance to it. Our waterless hand sanitizer will kill far more germs, viruses and fungi than your normal hand wash.


Fast, effective and very simple to use, our waterless hand sanitizers can be used literally anywhere and in just a few seconds you’ll eliminate countless germs, bacteria or viruses from your hands.


NoH2O is so effective against antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis (TB), the herpes simplex virus, HIV, the influenza virus (flu), as well as Hepatitis B and C, many diarrhoea-causing bacteria as well as numerous fungi.


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